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Everything from the fundamental requirements contained in the AVORE Launch Kit™, through to the comprehensive, objective-driven, custom strategies in every omnAVORE™ marketing plan, we deliver on all counts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are confident you will be amazed by the ease and clarity of the AVORE Pro Launch Kit. So will your customers! We welcome any questions you may have. Here are some answers to the more frequent ones we’ve received.

How fast will I be up and running?

We’ve had systems operating error-free within 24 hours. That said, the biggest limiting factor is the availability of menu content. You can speed the process by having quality images and descriptive content on hand. Don’t worry if you don’t. We can work with stock images and the content from your printed menus while the final stuff is being prepared. The key is to get you operating accurately as quickly as possible.

What support is available?

We want you to succeed. Your initial install will be fully operational, and we include an orientation in the system’s use. We also have a growing body of tutorials, blog posts and other paid services to boost your marketing reach and general effectiveness. Online troubleshooters are on hand to help with any issues you encounter along the way. Focus on what you do best knowing that we’ve got your back.

Where do I start?

The quickest way is to simply select a plan. We will gather from you all the necessary information to get started, working with you on all the finer details to get you launched without wrinkle or glitch.

Are there any additional costs?

The AVORE Launch Kit™ is a fully operational system “straight out of the box”. It provides user-friendly reservation booking, and takeaway or delivery ordering. The only additional requirements are a dedicated smartphone or tablet (with network access) to receive your orders, and a bluetooth thermal printer for printing receipts. We can help you there with affordable full-configured options.

Am I able to cancel if I'm not satisfied?

Frankly, we’d be surprised if you weren’t wildly satisfied. Still, it’s a fair question. The short answer is, Yes. Regardless of which plan you purchased, we have a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee for the monies paid up to that point.

Do I need to have a website?

Don’t worry. Our process will provide you with all necessary shortcodes and links for your existing website. Regardless, we provide you with your own branded landing page (hosted on our servers if necessary), including your online menu and all the ordering and booking functionality you’ll need.

Not having a website raises a host of other marketing-related questions we’re happy to help you navigate should you request it.

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