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Automate Your Processes

AVORE Launch Kit™
Online orders and reservations system

A proven fast-track solution to manage online table bookings and commission-free orders for takeout or delivery. Sleek, professionally configured, user-friendly, no-touch menu for error-free ordering. Real-time confirmations. 30-day money back guarantee.

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PrintAVORE™ touchless personal menus
printAVORE™ "Touchless" Menus
Protecting your diners

Give your customers an added layer of health security with QR scans to their own mobile devices, blocking the transfer of any lingering germs. A critical part to welcoming diners back, re-establishing trust.

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AVORE Tool Add-ons

Further enhance your Launch Kit

It will rock your business on its own, but your AVORE Launch Kit™ can be enhanced in many ways., such as:

  • POS iPads and thermal printers
  • Payment gateways and accounting integrations
  • In-system print collateral

Marketing Plans

The Spice in Your Secret Sauce


Social Media Bundle

Accelerate your booking and order-taking with a social media plan measured by its results. Professionally designed and managed content. Three platforms working in sync to meet your objectives, driving traffic online and to your door.

$900 /month


Responsive Advertising Bundle

Hyper-boost your numbers with analytics-driven Pay-per-Click advertising management. Success-driven budgets to increase brand awareness, traffic and sales – online and in your restaurant. You do the delicious and leave the rest to us.

$1,400 /month


Comprehensive Digital Strategies

Commit to massive success with a fully integrated digital marketing plan. Based on the industry-proven 360º of Integration™, we commit to a full analysis resulting in defined objectives. Only then do we implement the tactical plan that ensures strategic success. We measure our ingredients twice before putting anything in the oven.

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