Go "Touchless"

printAVORE™ curbs your menu printing costs while giving your patrons an added layer of trust. Demonstrate that you take their health seriously and reap the rewards.

Touchless menu systems are a must-have.

printAVORE™ Touchless Menu Systems enhance your restaurant’s physical distancing provisions. Get your custom system installed today. Based on QR code technology, patrons simply scan your menu into their phone, thereby avoiding the use of your last customer’s menu. Yes, you’ve been sanitizing them, but your patrons don’t know that and, hey, you may have missed a spot.

Simple display systems include:

  • Single electronic menu
  • Branded landing page design
  • Linked QR Code

Enhanced systems can include:

  • Multiple menus (Lunch, dinner, happy hour, bar, etc.)
  • Mobile ordering and payment from your table
Mobile menus

Printing & Display

Table top menu scanned directly to your smartphone

Posters, pedestals, and table-top displays. Minimize costs by printing custom scanning cards at each table. Patrons then simply call up your current menu on their mobile devices. Say good-bye to menu reprints.

We also recommend having the code prominently displayed in your host area for customers while they wait to be seated. Give them a jump on their dining experience and you’ll turn more tables.

Wide range of display hardware available

Start Saving Now

So, what’s the best fit for you and your patrons?